Carlos Jiménez

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mSc in Plant Science and forestry, currently working for the Valencian Government with applications for support dealing with the European Maritime and Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund..

Until 2020 I worked in a team of study of old and minor Vitis vinifera varieties from Eastern Spain, producing several papers.

As a freelance, leisure- time-botanist, I am in a group for the study of the Juniperus oxycedrus complex, and in a more independent way I am studying several Allium and Narcissus from the Iberian peninsula, always with the unvaluable help of iNat members, some of the greatest experts in the Genus Narcissus, which also friend, and some doctors in Biology and Chemistry.

I recently was lucky enough to participate in a paper which gave new light to the presence of Prunus webbii in the Iberian peninsula. I am growing seedlings from several populations to go further in molecular analysis.

I am very interested in conservation and reinforcement of threatened plant species, I am currently growing and gathering seeds of Oncocyclus irises to help create a sanctuary in Lebanon, in collaboration with Akkar Trail NGO.

I am also happy to help others in gathering samples, as I have a collector permit for my region.

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