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Autodidact/naturalist, whatever. If you have a question about an ID ask away.
Main interests are land gastropods, vascular plants, mushroom producing Fungi and ecology as a whole.
Don't take it the wrong way if i didn't reply when thanking me, I appreciate it though.
On the flip side, thanks to anyone helping me figuring out what find!

I throw ID's at insufficient or misidentified slugs listed under Stylommatophora.
It's ideal to include pictures showing different body parts, like tail, dorsum and side, best the side the pneumostome is located at and the slugs sole. The pneumostome in most species of the Northern Hemisphere is located on their right flank. A note on size or smth for scale is much appreciated.

---Some slugs cannot be reliably identified by external features, especially if certain species occur sympatrical. Which is often the case and the reason identifiers may not go down to species---

Send a dm if theres anything (preferred). I speak german and english.
Or you can reach me here:

Kept some species for short periods of time, observed more behavior and lifecycle that way.
Notably Limax cinereoniger (reproduced and raised until color change occured and the foot gained dark sole sides), Limax maximus (raised from sluglets), Arion intermedius, Arion vulgaris, A. rufus and Cepaea nemoralis (reproduced and raised).
I grow native and non invasive plants from spore and seed i collect myself since 2018.

Went mushroom picking as a kid and startet doing so by myself again a decade ago. Foraging now has become second to marvelling at their diversity. Certain edible species will be obscurred because i do not trust people to pick areas responsibly.
If you are a researcher im happy to share the location.

Observation for mating L. cinereoniger pair i recorded
Video of L. cinereoniger mating in this playlist among other behavior videos
Defensive behavior of Arion rufus

And some more videos of behavior but nothing too fancy.

In case of my death i want everything here to stay as is.
Falls ich krepiert bin, alles lassen wie es ist. Sonst komm ich euch heimsuchen.

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