Daniel Cahen

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I'm a botanist with a PhD who has been working at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Herbarium, since 2016. As with many on this platform, one of my greatest pleasures is exploring and documenting everything I find interesting along the way to upload on iNaturalist.

My research focuses on the Rhamnaceae family, where I've published revisions and described new species of Gouania, Smythea, Ventilago, and Ziziphus. I've also contributed to books such as the Temperate Plant Families Identification Handbook and the Herbarium Handbook. At Kew, I identify and curate voucher specimens for the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership. I enjoy identifying plants from all over the world, preferably at least at the family level. I have particular experience with European flora.

A pet pleasure on iNat is identifying Unknown records; it's a great way for me to keep learning. My current camera setup is an Olympus Tough TG-5 and a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Feel free to use my photos with proper attribution.

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