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I'm an Entomologist, focusing on myrmecology, particularly systematics and ecology. Originally drawn to studying birds, I later embraced the captivating world of entomology. Though still an avid birder and currently the president of the Hampton Roads Bird Club. I hold the position of Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Hampton University, a small private HBCU located in eastern Virginia. In my role, I teach courses covering biodiversity, entomology, zoology, and conservation biology.

A major educational goal of mine is to expose students to the field and field research. I employ some aspects of iNaturalist into all my courses (so if you see students trying be kind and lay off the rude comments about IDs-for some this is the first time they have truly looked at a plant or insect). I involve students in engaging research projects through faunistics. My research lab delves into invertebrate ecology within human-altered environments, with a primary focus on urban ecology themes. Our work centers on altered habitats in Hampton Roads, exploring biodiversity surveys that investigate phenology and functional diversity.

I have a strong passion for ant taxonomy and entomology overall, embodying a Victorian-era naturalist spirit; as you may find me collecting insects, birdwatching, seeking pine cones, and exploring biota in the field.

Please note that this is a personal account, and any posts, identifications, comments, or opinions expressed are my own, separate from those of my employer. These do not imply institutional endorsements on my part.

Feel free to utilize my photos, and don't hesitate to reach out for potential collaborations.

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