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I am a plant science student and I would like to pursue a career in botany. Fields of study I am most interested in are:

  • Trends in plant (and plant-like organism) evolution and ecology, both in the present and over geologic time.
  • Island flora and adaptive radiation, especially of islands in the Pacific.
  • Plant biogeography in the present and past, especially of relict genera and species.
  • Crop evolution and crop wild ancestors.
  • Alpine flora.
    I am most interested in conifers, pteridophytes, sedges, bryophytes, marine algaes and lichens. I also love cetaceans, insects, marine organisms and bears.
    Specific regions I am familiar with are Pacific northwest and California coast ranges, Sierra Nevada, Rocky Mountains, and California central valley. Also fond of the sea!
    I love meeting other people in the botany, mycology or adjacent communities, so feel free to message me if you are nearby!

If I get any identifications wrong, please feel free to correct them. Sometimes locations for some of my older observations may be slightly inaccurate, as my proper camera does not have GPS capabilities and I have had to upload the locations manually.

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