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Hello! My name is Lore, I'm 22, and I am a lifelong enthusiast of creatures in general. I am an amateur/aspiring entomologist, and some of my favourite bugs include weevils, millipedes, woodlice, cicadas, wasps, bees, mantises and jumping spiders.

In addition to bugs, I am very fond of pigeons, corvids, leeches, snails, crocodiles, frogs and so many more creatures that I couldn't list them all even if I tried. I also have a casual interest in the local flora, especially anything that can be eaten; my favourite plant is the criminally-underrated dandelion for its hardiness, usefulness, cheerful colour, and flavour.

I am just a passionate hobbyist who is only recently beginning to get more serious with this and commit more time to it; my main reason for joining iNaturalist is to learn more about the various creatures I find, to get into a good habit of paying attention and taking notes, and if I'm lucky, to contribute something useful or helpful to the natural sciences in some way. I am doing my best but I am still learning, and very much enjoying it.

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