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Hello, my name is Aurora and my main interests are ants!
Although I do quite like Hymenoptera (mainly Apocrita) as a whole so I do try to upload sightings of them when I do come across any.
I am going to of course be wrong in some of the identification I do for some of my observations, but if you do suggest something that differs please add a reason so I can learn from it. Thanks in advance!

I often upload observations from both Spain and the UK, so my main expertise are those areas in the taxa of ants. So feel free to tag me if you need any help with ant observations from either of those two places!

I will start university (zoology undergraduate degree) in September 2024, afterwards, I hope to continue higher education and then hopefully start working on ant research.

Since 2020, I have been carrying out independent research on the different species of ants in Mairena del Alcor, and I use iNaturalist to store some of the data (time and location) of said ant observation.
As of September 2023 to a bit later I am working on a side research on some ants in the same town, which I hope to get published about at the start of next year.

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