John Tubbs

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I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and had an uncle who was a farmer, Eagle Scout and wonderful naturalist - when I would work with him on the farm in the summer, we would go on hikes and he would point out the flora and fauna. This set a lifelong interest in the outdoors, although my career years (mostly in high tech companies) were unrelated. I still did a ton of outdoor things in free time, including a lot of backpacking, fishing and some casual birding. I retired in 2008 and that year went through Seattle Audubon's extremely intense and thorough two-semester master birder program with Dennis Paulson as primary instructor. I've led many field trips, given bird/birding presentations to various groups and school classes and did bird surveys, including in the Seattle City Cedar River Watershed for one of their wildlife biologists. I also am a former board member of the Washington Ornithological Society (WOS). I do serious critter and landscape photography. Along with my wife, I graduated from the four-month docent training course at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) - We now reside full time in southeastern Arizona and are busily learning more about the area and its natural history and wildlife.

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