Philip Schaffer

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Not a professional, but I`ve great interests in Herpetology and Paleontology. My knowledge is centered around the herpetofauna of Austria.
The observations I make are largely focused on reptiles, amphibians and avian dinosaurs (birds).

Feel free to tag me and I will try my best to help with identification!


Websites for anyone interested in reptiles, amphibians and birds:

Literature I can recommend:

  • WIEN Amphibien & Reptilien in der Großstadt by Silke Schweiger, Georg Gassner, Jürgen Rienesl und Günther Wöss (2021)
  • Reptilien und Amphibien Europas by Axel Kwet (2022)
  • Schlangen Europas Alle Arten westlich des Kaukasus by Guido Kreiner (2007)

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