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Favorites from higher plants to birds, and then -- when I grew older -- all wild creatures, especially local (in Shandong Province) ones.
Feel free to ask me if you are willing to. Welcome to add annotations and fields to my observations, or invite me to some project.
Major in life sciences. (Welcome to provide postgrad opportunities to me🤣)
1 - Most of the observations (=obs.) are with no location and accuracy info, so I add them, based on website(s) finding latitude & longitude, and my memory. If the website(s) cannot match satellite map with layer of roads well, I usually choose to follow the former.
2 - All microscope photos (ALMOST ALL 400×, while others 100× or 40×; in most cases do not trust scale bars on it...) are with no EXIF info, so I just add their date instead of adding date & time.
3 - When I find an organism recorded by more than 1 user at the same time (at least in SDUQD that is often the case) I will mark them in the observation filed "related observations". Additionally, when IDing parasites, please pay attention to obs. fields to ensure the host if necessary.
0 - I'm not sure whether iNat will be blocked in my country one day. [IF] that happens but not completely hopeless (e. g. the Internet is not decoupled from Chinese network), try to contact TaskEnzymeOtk@hotmail.com
For those who want to discover more about biodiversity of China online, although there are not so many well-documented taxa, or info in English:
All - 物种2000中国节点/Species 2000 China Node (Catalogue of Life China Checklist) http://sp2000.org.cn/browse/browse_taxa
All - 中国自然标本馆/Chinese Field Herbarium https://www.cfh.ac.cn/
Plants - 中国植物图像库/Plant Photo Bank of China http://ppbc.iplant.cn/
Plants (Tracheophytes) - 中国植物志(中文版)/Flora Republicae Populus Sinicae http://www.iplant.cn/frps
Plants (Tracheophytes) - 中国植物志英文版/Flora of China http://www.efloras.org/flora_page.aspx?flora_id=2, (substitute) http://www.iplant.cn/foc
Moss - 中国苔藓志(第1-2卷)/Moss Flora of China (Vol. 1-2) http://www.efloras.org/flora_page.aspx?flora_id=4
Animals - 中国动物主题数据库/China Animal Scientific Database http://zoology.especies.cn/, http://www.zoology.csdb.cn/
Birds - 中国观鸟记录中心 http://www.birdreport.cn/
Birds - 鸟网 https://www.birdnet.cn/
Amphibians - 中国两栖类/Amphibia China https://www.amphibiachina.org/
Fishes - 两江中国原生(两江论坛) http://www.cqh2o.com/forum.php, (equivalent) http://chinanative.net/portal.php
Insects - 昆虫吧-百度贴吧 https://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%E6%98%86%E8%99%AB
Paleontology - 中国古生物地层知识库/China Palaeontology Stratigraphy Library https://cpsl.sciencereading.cn/#/ (NOT FREE)
Fauna and cryptogamic flora of China (Fauna Sinica, Flora Fungorum Sinicorum, Flora Algarum Sinicarum Aquae Dulcis, Flora Algarum Marinarum Sinicarum, Flora Lichenum Sinicorum) are far from accomplishment or digitization.

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