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I am currently working on a project I recently launched {Moths of South Carolina - by counties} to significantly increase the moth species records in South Carolina by county and by month observed. At this time my moth photos are being reviewed by a retired Furman professor who created and still manages the South Carolina State Moth Database. Of course I am now also adding all of my moth photos here into iNaturalist, as I believe it will soon overtake the number of moth records in the SC state moth database, at a rate that one person would not be able to keep up with. To date, the SC state moth database lists over 2000 moth species for South Carolina, while iNaturalist shows only around 850 moth species recorded for South Carolina. I continue to add new state records both for iNaturalist as well as seven firsts for South Carolina for the SC state moth database. My project is strongly endorsed by professors from Clemson, College of Charleston, and the Chair of the Biology Dept. at Furman.

I am also working on a project to substantially increase the number of citizen scientists who contribute photos to page such as iNaturalist, while training them how to produce the most useful images and records possible. More on that soon.

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