Luis P. B.

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I am a passionate citizen scientist and an avid scuba diver who has always been fascinated by the diversity of the natural world in general and of marine environments in particular. I have some years of experience in the identification of fish, especially in those places where I have spent more hours under water: the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and in Macaronesian waters.

I particularly like the members of the Carangidae family, their speed, their shape, their silvery colours and the way many of the species hunt in groups. I think they deserve a lot more love and attention than what they are usually getting. I am also fascinated by all sorts of elasmobranchs, moray eels, tunas, bonitos and scombrids in general.

I started taking underwater pictures in 2018 with a small Point-and-Shoot camera which did not offer great results. I have upgraded my equipment several times ever since and nowadays I am shooting with a mirrorless Sony A7RIII in an Aquatica housing.

Some projects I created in iNat:
Marine Fauna of West Africa / Faune marine d'Afrique de l'Ouest:
Underwater Fauna of the Balearic Islands / Fauna Submarina de Baleares:
Marine Fish of Egypt:

In case you are interested in my underwater and nature photography, you can find me on Instagram: luis_pb_photo

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