Mariska de Wit

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"My admiration for scientists craft and insight is the product of my ignorance. As an amateur, I have no training in science so it became my hobby. For many years I will return from a library or bookshop with treasures under my arm gathered simply because of the cool pictures on the covers. Many of these writer scientists used arcane terminology that had me scurried to a dictionary. But gradually it all started making sense. Science wasn't impenetrable to non-scientists, it was just written in a language you had to learn."
And here I am. A current student at Stellenbosch university and yet another perturbed conservation ecologist with a head full of questions, hands full of lecture notes but a heart full of hope. My understanding of the infinite works of nature are most fully and abundantly appreciated through observation and perusal. You will find me at my happiest and humblest while photographing, doing art, writing, reading, traveling, gardening, hiking..

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