Miquel Pontes

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Professionally a computer systems engineer, I'm also an underwater photographer and amateur naturalist. Diver since 1994, I have logged hundreds of dives in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Red seas, and the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.

I have participated and participate in all kinds of divulgative projects (books, magazines, websites, conferences, exhibitions …) as a way to spread my main interest: to protect the seas and their creatures.

  • 1996-Founder of M@re Nostrum Studies Group
  • 2010-Founding partner of Group for Research on Opisthobranchs in Catalonia
  • 2012-Founding partner of VIMAR (Marine Life)

I discovered the amazing world of opisthobranchs in 1997 introduced by my diving buddies and since then it has been a continuous line of work, providing underwater pictures, observations in the environment, and IT support for the divulgation of these contents. Webmaster of OPK (https://opistobranquis.info).

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