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I am a 16 yo from Trivandrum, Kerala,India focusing mainly on Butterflies, Birds, Gastropods et al. I like to observe nature. I am aspiring to be an Evolutionary biologist(dream big right!?). So it's not merely for killing time!
I am not a veteran. I won't feel offended if you correct me when I'm wrong. I mostly ID butterflies, first priority for obs in Kerala and then India. I'm very weak at identifying Hesperiidae, but think I'm very good with other families. I can identify pretty much birds too (mainly from South India).

My main hobbies nowadays (started with lockdown) are

Raising Butterflies

Butterflies I've reared since (Chronological)


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And of course,


I'm incredibly grateful to INaturalist for I'm now able to identify countless life forms around me to the species level. (I'm so hard-nosed my observations have to be species level) And many people help me to identify those unknown things which are not my domain.

@unnikrishnan_mp & @po-po-pro are my moth identifiers
@haneesh & @firos_ak are my Hesperiidae helpers
@anubhav-agarwal & @hari_krishnan_ are my Spidy specialists
@shiwalee & @siddarthmachado are my plant specialists
@amila_sumanapala, @odonut @zebs, @hari_krishnan_ are my Odanate helpers
@pranavchandrabose is my butterfly and bird specialist 😂
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