Rachel Hackett

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Conservation Associate - Botanist at Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Rachel uses her botanical skills to delineate and classify natural communities, document species habitat, combat invasive plant species, and study plants of conservation or cultural interest. She also enjoys conducting science education, especially student-led inquiry. She loved playing outdoors as a child, but in 6th grade she learned of efforts to preserve tropical rainforests, specifically the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (Bosque Eterno de los Niños), and grew passionate about the environment and conservation. She earned her BS in Environmental Science at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After seven years of working in informal science education in Michigan, Costa Rica, and the Pacific Northwest, she returned to school to earn her MS and PhD from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Her studies focused on understanding drivers of plant diversity in Michigan's prairie fen wetlands and utilizing technologies like remote sensing in ecological studies. The AmeriCorps motto of "Get[ing] things done" stuck with her after her service terms, and she devotes her free time to roller derby, hiking, bicycling, baking, board games, trivia, and crafts.

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