Remington Jackson

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I grew up in San Diego County, where I became fascinated by natural history from an early age. I developed a passion for horticulture and botany while studying at UC Santa Cruz and working at the university's Arboretum & Botanic Garden. Post graduation, I was very fortunate to get to explore large swathes of the Intermountain west and southwest deserts with my partner while we worked various seasonal botany jobs for the federal government. After years of traveling, we decided to make Western Washington our permanent home and are looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful state! My main focus is plants, but I am also quite fond of herps, marine mollusks, and fungi. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and backpacking in varied terrain, especially mountains and deserts. Regardless, I'm always documenting the flora and fauna along the way! I am no expert of any regional flora, but I'm confident with my ID skills in California’s coastal sage scrub and chaparral, various communities in the Mojave desert, the shrub-steppe of Eastern Oregon and Washington, and the Puget Trough.

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