Sandro Von Matter

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I'm a Brazilian, based in São Paulo, a Biodiversity Conservation Researcher, Environmental Journalist and Social Media Analyst but, first of all, a active citizen involved with actions to communicate science and empower public engagement.

Besides, my personal love for nature, boosted by my childhood growing in a small farm in the countryside, I have devoted many years of my career investigating mutualistic interactions between animals and plants through, complex network system analysis, searching for evolutionary and ecological patterns, to understand how ecosystems evolved and how could we rebuild ecological functionalities.

Yes, I'm deeply involved with several CitSci projects since 1998 and, some of my initiatives are the National Collaborative Monitoring of Bird-Window Collisions, the National Collaborative Monitoring of Changes on Urban Birds Activity Periods and the Independent Collaborative Monitoring of Environmental Disasters.

As journalist, I became one of the main founders and currently Financial Director of the Brazilian Network of Environmental Journalists (NGO), in fact, since 1999, I've been to all United Nations Conferences, on Biological Diversity and Climate Change Conventions.

I'm honor to be part of iNaturalist community and, it's a great pleasure to, learn with other fellows and share my love for animals and plants.

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