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I'm an amateur teenage nature nutter currently based in Bunbury. I'm interested in anything and everything to do with the natural environment, my keystone interest being in entomology. I also have a major obsession for mammals, reptiles, orchids, Myrtaceous plants and birds. I record my bird surveys on Birdata instead of inat, however, just because Birdata being such a specific platform makes it more practical for most surveys. I "specialise" in Buprestidae.

I spend most of my spare time in the bush taking blurry photos of everything that I stumble across, and have a deep love for our extraordinary WA wildlife and bush. I've unfortunately not travelled further afield than the south west yet, but to be honest I wouldn't mind if I never do, there's a million new things to see every day just in this little corner of the world.

I post videos of some of the things I've found on Youtube. Link:

I'm a member of WAISS, the WA Naturalists Club and currently run a revegetation group next to John Forrest NP. I eventually hope to work in conservation and land management in the wheatbelt or goldfields.

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