Philip E. Hyatt

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我从1991年到2008年在美国森林服务组织工作,现已退休了。退休后,现在是全职作家和编辑。同时,我是一位生态学家以及植物学者。我的工作在我们的房子。我帮中国的科学家写很好的英文。今年从6月15好到9或是10月我想来中国看看。在湖南长沙金井从6月20号到8月30号我的同事想我教英文。As of joining in August 2018, I'm a 66 year old botanist / ecologist / writer / editor / semi-retired former US Forest Service Regional Ecologist for the Southern Region (Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, south to Puerto Rico) who is teaching himself Chinese. In 2019, I hope to spend June 15 to about late September in mainland China, the first 10-12 weeks in Jinjing, north of Changsha. I claim to be the world's expert on Arkansas Carex sedges simply because no one else has studied them deeply.

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