Zack Abbey

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I somehow convinced some folks to employ me as a wildlife biologist over a decade ago and since then I've been working as such primarily in Ventura, Santa Barbara and SLO Counties.

I came across iNat in 2011 while reading High Country News and I've been hooked ever since. I use iNat to see what people are finding, share what I encounter, confirm/deny what I think I've seen, and to help keep sharp and expand my ID skills. Any help I can provide I'm glad to give, and I'm always glad to receive help from those more knowledgeable.

By no means am I an expert on any taxa, I know just enough to be dangerous with my presumptive IDs, so please if you feel or know my IDs to be incorrect please tell me.

Always happy to lend my photos out to any worthwhile cause, just give me a heads up/request and it shall be so.

Catch you in the creeks, on the trail, along the beach, or anywhere not confined by 4 walls.

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