Photos taken on this day - poor quality

I think my camera lenses were dirty or had fingerprints on them (or both). Most of the pictures I took this day were poor quality, but I didn't realize it until I downloaded them and put on my glasses.

Also, I started out at 6am because it was supposed to be a record hot day, so many of the pictures had early morning shadows and when I tried to software-adjust the photos to make them identifiable, the pictures look washed-out.

So frustrating! Note to self: clean lenses before going out in the field.

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My iPhone has problems with this all the time. My mirrorless camera doesn't though. It actually takes a lot of grime to mess with larger cameras.

What I have had problems with is a dirty sensor. On an interchangeable lens camera it is easy to clean but on a camera with a fixed lens it is almost impossible.

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