Advanced searches on bugguide... and cooler weather -- so I'm out a lot more! (despite the allergies)

North Central TX is starting to experience just a little bit of fall weather (in the 80's!), so I'll be outside a bunch more, despite the ragweed blooming like crazy and my nose picking up every morsel of pollen...

I've REALLY been getting into bugs, although my ID's are a bit lacking. If you know bugs, I sure would appreciate any guidance.

One thing that is quite nice is the advanced search option on bugguide... A few people had told me about this before, but I'm just now getting the hang of using it:

With a family name on the "Taxon ID #," and the state selected as "Texas" (or wherever), several options pop up, and you can scroll through the images pretty quickly. For instance, here are the leafhoppers documented in TX on bugguide:

You can narrow down the search by using the filters, but I tend not to -- I just use family (or subfamily, genus, etc...) and do a 'search all.'

This has helped me out with my own observations, but I've been using it for others too. :)

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Hi Sam,

Just wanted to congratulate you on all of the fantastic insect photos you've been posting! I know they can be a challenge and it's great to hear how much you are enjoying them.

All the very best!

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Thanks @rjadams55 ! I'm sure having fun with it and learning lots in the process. :)

And yes, I have been using your book for spider guidance!!! :-D

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