Moth Week Is Getting Closer!

It's finally summer time, and I decided it was time to do a test run of my new setup this year. Have to get ready for Moth Week next month! (I took a work vacation that week this year too haha)
We had a plastic greenhouse that dry-rotted over the years, and repurposed the frame for my sheet, and lights. I use a white shower curtain with 1cm squares all across it. It has holes in it, so I just have to hang hooks on the top rung, and stretch it to the edges, and secure it there. Hung a light at the top, and a light at the bottom.
Used a small handheld flashlight with my camera. Had to get the hang of holding it, and my camera in the same hand haha. More pics that I would have liked turned out blurry, so I am going to have to another test run to see how things work out. I'm going to try to see if I can't set my camera to flash every time, instead of just when it thinks it needs to. It's dark out!
I had a great time. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep Sunday night. I took over 1000 pics, and spent yesterday catching up on my sleep between editing haha. Finally finished up this morning.
More moths without IDs than I would like, and some of them I know I recognize, I just can't place the name to the face. BUT this is good for me too! Going to get out my books today, and start trying to narrow down some of them. It's a huge, and wonderful learning experience.
Thanks to everyone that helps or leaves feedback, as always!

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