CNC So Far!

Hello Everyone,

Day one ended with over 1,200 observations of over 400 species! The top spotted organisms included Brown Anoles, Lubber Grasshoppers, Eastern Gray Squirrels, Saw Palmetto, and Herbwilliam. Our top three observers were Crowleymuseumandnaturecenter, elprofer, and cherzog each with over 150 observations! This challenge is far from over, let's keep it up and check out the previous journal post below for all sorts of fun events!

I'm in LUB with City Nature Challenge! Keep on hopping these next three days!

Posted by sarasota_manatee_ecoflora_sean sarasota_manatee_ecoflora_sean, April 30, 2022 07:09 PM


Perhaps of note: Even war torn Ukraine is participating and as of this afternoon logged 681 species!

Posted by phaynes 5 months ago (Flag)

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