Wednesday: Herps and Fishes

We are midway through our annual statewide BioBlitz and the amazing wildlife observations keep rolling in!

We are now up to 448 observations of 272 species. The winner of yesterday's "plant with a visible defense mechanism" challenge is NJ Audubon's very own naturalistanne. She submitted a photo of a very spiky Devil's Walking Stick. This plant provides nectar to insects and fruit to songbirds, but is highly resistant to deer due to its spiny nature.

Today (Wednesday) we are highlighting fish and herptiles (reptiles and amphibians). Many of these creatures spend all or part of their lives underwater. From lakes and rivers, to marshes and swamps, to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey is home to an abundance of aquatic habitats. Today’s BioBlitz challenge: Submit an observation of an animal (fish, herp, or other!) in or under water.

Posted on 11 de mayo de 2022 by emily-reed emily-reed


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