Saturday 25th June 2022 - upstream both sides from Newbury Rd bridge

The day started out with heavy rain. Continued to drizzle on and off. Will be interesting to see whether this has any impact on the poison.
Total of six participants in attendance. Four worked quite a distance up river left. Two worked upstream on river right.

Unfortunately had to skip multiple trees on river right due to steep bank and high water level. River left team had a lot more luck.

Combination of axe and drill methods used. I updated two observations with time of treatment and techniques. Should had done this for more trees. Also this area of the river had more trees than in our initial observations.

Noticed that several willows on river right had previously been sawn. Also several trees were already partially dead with no apparent signs of being poisoned recently.

Overall fine day out. There will be regular monthly trips run by the catchment program team alternating between Friday and Saturdays.

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