St Thomas' 2022 Day 293

38 degrees F, 76% humidity, wind 1 mph NNE (feels constant), cloudless, no rain since 9/10/22. Steam fog on the eastern bank moving quickly in westerly direction. The bayou's reflection is unbroken except for the occasional ripple made by its unseen inhabitants.
Lots of brown pine straw and oak, sweetgum and elm leaves on the parking lot, path and under the trees. Pine cones scales are scattered everywhere. Orange acorns from white oak are crushed on the path. The outer edges of Sweetgum trees turning reddish, Tupelo leaves 50% yellow. Some goldenrod still have flowers. Cypress trees are a rusty color with plenty of dusty-gray/green cypress balls hanging from their branches. Maples have lovely red keys. Red oak leaves on the trees on the eastern bank of the bayou are starting to fade and turn brown. A new hole has been made on the north side of a water oak. The tree is several feet from the southwest corner of the pavement that extends behind the church, near the bank. A long line of sap is running from the hole (about 15ft up) almost to the ground. The hole is about 2 inches across.
Micromoths are hovering above the recently frosted grass into the sunshine.
Two Fox Squirrels are scampering across pine branches, knocking off pieces of bark as they go.
Downy woodpecker, pine warbler, two mockingbirds, blue jay, two titmice, Carolina chickadee, fish crow, red-winged blackbird, red-bellied woodpecker, and Northern cardinal calling. Two black-bellied whistling ducks settling in a tree on the western bank.
Lichen and crust fungi on fallen branches, but nothing new obvious.

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