Events in DFW this late summer and fall!

I know it's still crazy hot, and it'll maybe be hot for another month or so, but there are some gatherings/events planned already! If you know of others in the DFW area, toss them in the comments.

August 4 - Friday - 8:30 to late - black-lighting at Cedar Hill State Park ($7 park entrance fee):

August 12 - Saturday - 8:30 to late - black-lighting at Broadcast Hills (next to Tandy Hills) in Fort Worth:

August 16 - Wednesday - 3 - 6 PM and then 8 to late - bioblitz and blacklighting at Grand Park in Frisco :

September 1 - Friday - 3-6 and then 8 to late - bioblitz and blacklighting at Ladd Nature Preserve in Duncanville :

September 9 - Saturday - 7 - 11 AM - bioblitz at Dixon Water Foundation's Josey Pavilion north of Decatur:

September 9 - Saturday - 8 to late - blacklighting at LLELA (location TBD):

October 20 - Friday - 8 to late - blacklighting at Natural Springs Park in Anna :

There may be some other events that pop up, and as I hear about them (or see them in the comments), I'll update this journal entry.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns: or 214 215 5605 or @sambiology!

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@sambiology Great! I've put the September 8th Blacklighting Blitz at LLELA on my calendar.

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This is great, Sam! If there's interest in a daytime survey event at Grand Park, I wonder if we might be able to coordinate an event with NTMN / BLPMN groups. I'm new and not sure how to go about this but would be happy to coordinate on the NTMN side and/or partner with somebody from BLPMN group to help set it up. The observations from the folks who surveyed it earlier this summer are phenomenal, though since it doesn't have parking or trails (as far as I know) I've been reluctant to try to visit on my own.

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Grand Park in Frisco has a fabulous parking lot (as an outdoor rec professional, I appreciate a good parking lot) and a trail. What it lacks is a restroom. The parking area and road into the parking lot don't show up on aerial imagery so it might be fairly new. I've been out there a few times on my own; there are usually at least a few people walking on the trail at least near the parking area.

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As I found out the specific location to LLELA, I'll update!
And great point, Beth -- let me work on some dates to do another Grand Park bioblitz! @rick57 goes there all the time, so we'll work on something! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace 12 meses

@rick57 Happy to help coordinate anything with the NTMN chapter / Grand Park if this works out! Other than the recent tree conversation, we met at the Oak Point moth night - you and Lisa mentioned the survey process you've used at Grand Park. It's really interesting and something I envision many of our chapter members would be interested to learn about, esp. with the recommendations you're making for the land.

Edit to add - I recall you mentioning that certain historical land practices were still visible even though the land has been fallow for decades (for example, pastured land that was intentionally seeded - perennial ryegrass and the like maybe?) ... those types of observational experiences are really cool!

Publicado por scarletskylight hace 12 meses

@jblinde Thanks for the info on Grand Park trail / parking / lack of restrooms. You're spot on about the aerial imagery being outdated, which is what I was using. :)

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These look great! I’ll definitely try to make it to the bioblitz/mothing at the Ladd land. It’s exciting and a relief that it’s officially a nature preserve now!

Publicado por laurahaynes hace 12 meses

I'll be where I can!

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@scarletskylight we have a couple of mornings planned for seed collecting in the meadows at Grand Park, if you'd like to join us and get a look at some of the park acreage. The first date is this coming Sunday Aug. 6, 8am. we'll meet in the park parking lot on the north side of Grand Park. The entrance is on Cotton Gin'll turn south into the park from Cotton Gin. The 2nd date is Sunday, Aug. 20, 8am. We'll meet in the same spot on the 20th.

@sambiology I think Frisco Parks would be open to having a fall mothing event and/or day bioblitz at Grand Park. I'll inquire.

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@rick57 Thank you for the info! I think the seed collections will be out due to other commitments but I will hope to catch up with everybody if a survey event can be scheduled. Good luck with the seeds and hope to visit the park soon when it's cooler!

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A new event!

Afternoon and evening of Wednesday, August 16th at Grand Park Frisco -- 3 - 6 PM, and then 8 to late for some black-lighting.

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@abbyheath fun events to add to the UNT SER calendar

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@chasingchickens and I will attend all we can!

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Where's parking for Broadcast hill? I may/may not make it

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 11 meses

Unfortunately I won't be able to come tonight, but I'll catch y'all another time when I'm back!!

Publicado por stephtran hace 11 meses

@sambiology Thank you so much for sharing this list, Sam! These all sound so exciting! If all goes to plan, I'll try to make it to the Ladd Nature Preserve event! Looking forward!

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LLELA on Sept 9th: starts at 7, but you can show up at anytime.
Enter through the back gate by LISDOLA on Fish Hatchery Road.
Proceed through the gate about a mile to Barn Owl Ridge.
This area is dense prairie, no sidewalks, no restrooms.

Questions: text Jaime Baxter-Slye at 940-597-5828


Barn Owl Ridge:

Publicado por baxter-slye hace 11 meses

would there by any problem with me walking along hte road side and ditches looking for snakes starting around dusk?

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 11 meses

I think that would be fine. Sometimes there are big trucks, but they should be done for the day by then.

Publicado por baxter-slye hace 11 meses

awesome! I look forward to this. Hopefully I find some cool critters. Haven't been to LELLA this summer.

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 11 meses

Hi! If you are coming to LLELA tomorrow night, there will be a code on the back gate when you arrive. If you type in 'LISDOLA' into goggle maps, that will get you to the back gate. Enter, and proceed about a mile. Stick to your left when the gravel road splits. You are looking for a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road. Also!! I think we have quite a bunch of folks coming who are new to this. So if you have a set up, please bring it. No bathrooms, tall grass prairie with a path. Headlamps and flashlights recommended, with no bare skin on your ankles or legs. Bring water. My cell is 940-597-5828 if you need me.,-96.9366546,15z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x864c2feeb812ee73:0xd498ca320908b780!8m2!3d33.0508485!4d-96.9366546!16s%2Fg%2F11c45trjq4?entry=ttu

Publicado por baxter-slye hace 11 meses

And no electrical outlets.

Publicado por baxter-slye hace 11 meses

Scratch the code being on the gate. If the gate is closed text me 940-597-5828

Publicado por baxter-slye hace 11 meses

I'm hoping to be at LLELa tonight!

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LELLA was fun. Started to feel pretty lousy so I left a bit early but some interesting critters out.

Would love an event at Hagerman NWR by Sherman but have no idea how open they are to that sort of thing. Setting up blacklights along Haller Haven or Meadow Pond could be neat

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 10 meses

Thanks for coming out to LLELA, and for those that missed, we will do it again!

@williampaulwhite17 I betcha Hagerman would like a mothing!

Publicado por baxter-slye hace 10 meses

wife adn I are going to be in Anna tonight

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 9 meses

The Anna thing was fun! I need to go back there with more time.

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 9 meses

Real quick -- a biosurvey at Ladd Nature Preserve next Thursday (Nov 16) from 2 - 5 pm. :)

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