10 years on iNaturalist!

I joined iNaturalist on 21 September 2013 -- was introduced to it by Derek Broman @dbroman , then the urban wildlife biologist in Dallas/Fort Worth with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Since then, it's radically changed the way that I go outside and how I engage with nature.

So proud and happy and lucky to be a part of this growing and vibrant community of nature enthusiasts!

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Happy iNativersary, Sam! A decade of iNat! How will you celebrate? Yesterday on the KQED Forum interview, @gyrrlfalcon mentioned she celebrates by getting people together to visit a place she's never been and trying to make 100-200+ observations of unique species. Such a great idea!

Publicado por carrieseltzer hace 10 meses

Haha! To celebrate, I will go outside and get my daily observation for the 3119th day in a row! ;)

Publicado por sambiology hace 10 meses

Dare I say, the iNat world is radically changed by you being in it, too! Happy iNativersary, Sam! Thank you for having such a crazy impact on all of our lives!

Publicado por kimberlietx hace 10 meses

Happy iNativersary fellow class of 2013. I hope we never graduate!

Publicado por danielatha hace 10 meses

I was introduced to iNat by @travislongcore in 2014 in an landscape ecology course. It took me a few years to get the knack of things, but it’s also really affected how I interact with nature as well! Happy anniversary and good luck on many more adventures!

And I agree with @kimberlietx that the iNat community has benefited from your participation as well!

Publicado por observerjosh hace 10 meses

Happy anniversary! I was going to say "Fellow streaker" but that sounds...weird. iNaturalist has changed how I go outside, too. It's also changed how I stay inside. I'd never realized the rich diversity of spiders that get caught in our bathtub before iNat.

Publicado por jmaughn hace 10 meses

Awesome! Thanks for all you do!

Publicado por redpenny hace 10 meses

Wow. That is amazing! And you've amassed a huge army of iNatters behind you who bring in more iNatters who bring in more! You've made data exponentially available to scientists, local and national governments, and so on. You make change in the world. <3

Publicado por samantha_knight hace 10 meses

Happy Happy iNativersary, Sam! You are such a blessing to this much-blessed and beloved community! Celebrate Big!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace 10 meses

Happy INativersary! Life is better outside. :-)

Publicado por pufferchung hace 10 meses

Love it Buddy. Keep up the great work!

Publicado por dbroman hace 10 meses

So cool! :) You sure make it more fun for everyone!

Publicado por summervillenature hace 10 meses

Congrats, Sam! You have made such a positive difference in so many lives. I'm happy to be in your orbit. iNat on!

Publicado por troutlily57 hace 10 meses

Thanks for "paying it forward " I am here thanks to you Sam.

Publicado por jgasnarez hace 10 meses

Congratulations and good job Coach K. We hope your contract is renewed for another 10 or so years.

Publicado por donyoung hace 10 meses

Happy iNativersary, my friend!

Publicado por gcwarbler hace 10 meses

Sam's iNat posts are great, but you should experience him teaching in real life if you haven't had a chance, truly amazing! He is a Texas treasure for sure.

Publicado por danthenoviceobserver hace 10 meses

iNaturalist - like sweet honey on the lips!

Publicado por tiwane hace 10 meses

Like. Sometimes I wish all websites had a like button...

Publicado por rymcdaniel hace 10 meses
Publicado por observerjosh hace 10 meses

Happy tenth!
I appreciate ya. :)

Publicado por rozzychan hace 9 meses

That is amazing! You have made a big impact on the iNat world. Happy anniversary!

Publicado por bobbie79 hace 9 meses

Happy Anniversary to the driving iNat force in DFW!

Publicado por annikaml hace 8 meses

Happy 10th anniversary! I can't believe I missed seeing this post when it came out.

And I must add.... Sam is the driving force of iNat in the state of Texas!

Publicado por connlindajo hace 8 meses

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