Important video to watch RE: iNaturalist!

So, if you've got a free 20 min or so, you really need to watch @kueda 's commencement keynote about iNaturalist:

I'm sure happy to be in this community with so many of my friends -- some I've met in person, others I've met just online -- but we all share that enjoyment by engaging with nature. :)

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Great to hear some of the backstory of iNaturalist and to put a face and a voice to Ken-ichi.

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I really enjoyed seeing Ken-ichi's talk, and I'm happy to have met him and spent a little time in the field in Texas with him a few years ago.
I was trying to think of some analogy for the role that Ken-ichi and Scott Loarie have played in my life and the lives of so many other people around the world. In this modern communication milieu, perhaps they might be likened (lichened?) to a David Attenborough and Roger Tory Peterson for the next generation.

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