A new publication about Hong Kong jellyfish! 香港水母普查發表了新的論文!

The HKJP in collaboration with the GigaDB curation team and the GBIF: The Global Biodiversity Information Facility Asia Regional Support Team published a dataset of citizen scientists’ jellyfish observations in Hong Kong from 2021 to 2023. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed jellyfish sightings to the Hong Kong Jellyfish Project website and on iNaturalist over the past three years!!
香港水母普查與GigaDB團隊及全球生物多樣性資訊機構(GBIF)合作,發表了2021-2023年公民科學家所貢獻的水母目擊報告相關資料集。非常感謝過去三年為香港水母普查網頁及iNaturalist 作出貢獻的各位公民科學家!

The contributions made by each and every one of you by sharing your jellyfish sightings made this addition to knowledge about jellyfish in Hong Kong possible! Thank you all!

You can follow the link below to read the article: 論文網址如下:

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