To help move some of the observations out of Genus level (we have 4,293 out of 37,566 observations - so 11%) we have a few complexes to act as holding bins.
(a complex on iNat is defined as a group of species that cannot easily be told apart by photos because they are so similar. In Oxalis, this often means that bulbs are required for further identification)

These are:

Complex Oxalis bowiei Midlands Sorrel Complex (new 165)

  • Oxalis anthelmintica 1
  • Oxalis bowiei Midland Sorrel 235
  • Oxalis semiloba Common Sorrel 52
  • Oxalis sp nov ?

Complex Oxalis depressa-pocockiae Depcock Sorrels 758

  • Oxalis depressa Early Sorrel 604
  • Oxalis pocockiae Coconut Sorrel 124

Complex Oxalis eckloniana-nidulans Bulbil and Bulb Sorrels 775

  • Oxalis eckloniana Pink Sorrel 326
  • Oxalis nidulans Bulbil Sorrel 20

Complex Oxalis multicaulis-recticaulis-versicolor Multi-rectiverse Sorrels 608

  • Oxalis multicaulis Multistem Sorrel 152
  • Oxalis recticaulis Straight Sorrel 35
  • Oxalis versicolor Candycane Sorrel 396

Complex Oxalis pardales Streakyleaf Sorrels 347

  • Oxalis camelopardalis 4
  • Oxalis capillacea Hairleaf Sorrel 72
  • Oxalis confertifolia Dense Sorrel 57
  • Oxalis grammophylla 14
  • Oxalis heidelbergensis 0
  • Oxalis leptogramma Willowy Sorrel 49
  • Oxalis lineolata 3
  • Oxalis massoniana Nieuwoudtville Sorrel 35
  • Oxalis melanograpta 6
  • Oxalis pardalis 1
  • Oxalis robinsonii 4

Which other groups might benefit from a complex?

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Please help ID our species and complexes.
Our local specialist @kenneth_oberlander has identified many species and complexes, but they are stuck at generic level because of disagreements. Please help push these.

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace alrededor de 2 meses


Publicado por tonyrebelo hace alrededor de 2 meses

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