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24 de noviembre de 2022

Natural Area Trails

Trails have been named in the Natural Area. Near the Landmark Oak at the end of Dodson, all the trails are identified on a posted trail map. This is an interesting development for Anderson River Park. It was the City's desire to turn this area owned by the State of California into a developed trail system with paved trails and water fountains. However, this was not permitted by the Management Plan developed by the State of California which was almost ignored.
It's good to see this current solution. The posted trail map also cross references this iNaturalist Community for learning about plants and animals in the Natural area. Of course, this community covers the entire park, partially owned by the City. The sign notes that at least 89 species of birds occur in the Natural Area. My current bird list for the entire park is 186 species, most of which would have been seen in the Natural Area.
This is a very special area, 440 acres in the small City of Anderson.

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30 de octubre de 2021

Fall Color

Colors in the park are lovely right now and have been for a couple of weeks. Native species showing color are buttonbush, cottonwood, grape, spice bush, poison oak, fragrant sumac, Oregon ash, and arroyo willows, A few of the non-native species showing color are, ailanthus, sycamores, catalpa, and Chinese pistache.
A few migrants birds, like ruby-crowned kinglets, white-crowned sparrows, golden-crowned sparrows, and dark-eyed juncos have arrived. So far, ducks have been limited to the year round species, like common mergangers, mallards, and Canada geese.

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