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Hi everyone,

we are putting together a slideshow to feature some of the best pictures and most unique finds from our BioBlitz last week on the monitors around Rankin. You can help by letting us know which observations you would like to see featured!

As you browse through the project pool, you can click on the observations you like and add a star to mark your favorites. If you want to see what has been submitted for a particular group of organisms or from a particular user, you can narrow that down using the Filters. If you have a favorite species, you can type that into the Species window and see our observations for it. You can also use this method to find e.g. everything in a particular family or order. If you can't find any of the features I'm talking about, you may have to log in on the website - I'm not sure if and how they show up on the various phone apps.

For those really interested in the details of what we've found, I've printed out a couple of copies of a preliminary species list and put that with the poster in Rankin. Feel free to pick one up! This is still work in progress so we'll be posting an updated list again some time next week.

Thanks again everyone for the strong support and participation in the BioBlitz!

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