Diario del proyecto Biodiversity Blitz 2023 - Yarra Ranges

26 de septiembre de 2023

Race to the Finish Line

Climate & Nature team members at Yarra Ranges Council have been keeping a close eye on the Bio Blitz leaderboard and it's turning out to be a fierce battle!

Mornington Peninsula took the species lead early and held onto it for the first few weeks, however, thanks to our dedicated local citizen scientists, Yarra Ranges has closed the gap and even taken the lead on and off over the past week. It's going to be a close race to the finish line!

Good weather has been on our side this year, allowing those of us who work full time to be able to 'blitz' on the weekends. This coming Friday, a public holiday, and Saturday - the final day of the blitz - are both looking clear and sunny so if you're up to it we encourage you to get out and explore somewhere you've not visited before. Who knows what you'll find!

Each year we aim to introduce iNaturalist and the joy of searching for, and recording, flora, fauna and fungi to community members who've not participated in citizen science before. Last year our Bio Blitz recorded 282 observers and so far this year we have had 311 people contribute which is great to see.

The final blitz tally is likely to take place a week after the blitz finishes so if you don't get to upload your observations by October 1 you'll still have some time to do so. Currently 38% of our observations need additional identification so they become research grade, if you've got spare time take a look at them and see if you can help ID any.

Happy blitzing!

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21 de septiembre de 2023

Owl Land Flora and Fauna Blitz

Wednesday 27 September
2pm to 3.30pm
Owl Land Reserve, Mount Evelyn
Register: https://au.openforms.com/Form/331d23f3-a738-40db-b89e-5cc140803756

Join Yarra Ranges Council Officers on a walk through Owl Land Reserve as we identify flora and fauna and contribute observations to iNaturalist as part of the Melbourne Biodiversity Blitz.

Meeting point:
Park in the Rec Reserve and meet us near the corner of Old Hereford Road and Burdap Drive. View map https://goo.gl/maps/HjLDfAinZPaXp3r27

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30 de agosto de 2023

Bird Walk - Birdsland

Sunday 24 September
9am to 11am
Birdsland Reserve
271 Mt Morton Rd, Belgrave Heights VIC

Join bird expert Chris Doughty (Peregrine Bird Tours) on a walk through Birdsland Reserve as he identifies the birds that call that area home. Birdsland attracts a diverse range of bird species thanks to the presence of the Monbulk Creek, several billabongs and varying woodlands.

This event is part of the Melbourne Biodiversity Blitz where we compete against other Councils to see who can record the most species during September. To take part in the blitz you will need to install iNaturalist on your phone or bring your camera to take photos that can later be uploaded via the iNaturalist website.

Location info: At times steep/rolling terrain, toilets at carpark.
Meeting Point: Birdsland Education Centre (top carpark).
Distance of walk: 4-5km, moderate level of fitness recommended.

Register https://au.openforms.com/Form/96d559bb-7551-41e3-97e3-20b2b429e680

This Yarra Ranges Council event is free. Numbers are limited, booking essential.

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15 de agosto de 2023

iNaturalist Community Champions Webinar

Tuesday 29 August
7pm to 8pm
Register: https://yarraranges-vic.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QG1FGKfeRgOFHLF7fkv0pQ

Community members, volunteers and council staff from across Melbourne will share their stories of being a citizen scientist. You'll learn how and why they use iNaturalist, typical or unusual observations they've made, if they concentrate on certain species and where they like to explore.

Tune in at 7pm on Tuesday 29 August to watch, listen and learn. They'll also be time to ask questions of the panellists.

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