Updated Jepson eFlora Malacothamnus Treatment Now Online

The Jepson eFlora version of my Malacothamnus treatment is now online and you can find it here. This means that my treatment is now the officially recognized treatment for Malacothamnus in California, which encompasses most of the range of the genus.

The Jepson version is simplified and abridged, so I recommend using the full version available for free here, which is better in having more explanations, natural history information, diagnostic photos, maps, and includes key couplets for both Arizona and Mexico. The Jepson maps will possibly take quite a bit of time to approach being correct as they are based on specimens, most of which I've ...más ↓

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This is a project I used when I was a PhD student researching the genus Malacothamnus (bushmallows). See the project's journal for various updates that happened during the project.

The culmination of this project was the publishing of a free three-volume ebook on Malacothamnus with the third volume summarizing all the research and including natural history information, an ...más ↓

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