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04 de agosto de 2019

Sharing your coordinates with this project

One of the great things about iNaturalist is that your observations can be used in active scientific research. One impediment to this is that iNaturalist automatically obscures the coordinates of observations of taxa listed as rare. There are 16 rare taxa associated with this project, so obscured coordinates really effect how useful those observations are. One of the most important things you can do to help this research is to share your coordinates with this project.

To share your coordinates, go to the main project page here and click on "Join this project" at the top right corner of the project banner. If you are already a member of the project, click "Your Membership".

From here you are given the option to share coordinates with the project. You will be asked "Do you want to make your private/obscured observation coordinates visible to the project curators? " Choose "Yes, no matter who adds the observation to the project." This will make your coordinates of Malacothamnus observations visible to me.

I will use these coordinates to help clarify geographic boundaries of the various taxa as well as to visit some of these populations when I have questions or need more data. Much of what I have done for my research so far couldn't have been done without all the help of the iNaturalist users who have shared their coordinates. So, thanks to all who have shared!

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