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April 11, 2022

Events during the City Nature Challenge! (will add more as I find out)

Been mighty busy, so apologies I'm getting this list a bit late. Nonetheless, here are the events that I know of going on during the city nature challenge in Dallas/Fort Worth. If you know of others (or want to host something!), let me know, and I'll add it to the list!

Pre-City Nature Challenge:
Tuesday, April 19
7 - 8 PM: Seeing and Remembering your visit to Sheri Capeheart Nature Preserve, Community Room of the Arlington Police Department, 2060 W Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington

Friday, April 29
7 PM - late: mothing at Mockingbird Nature Park, Midlothian

Saturday, April 30
10 - 11 AM: Flower Mound - intro to iNat and bioblitz
6 PM - late: bug catching and mothing at LLELA (request access through @haleydaniels )

Sunday, May 1
9 - noon: Tokalon Park, 7100 Tokalon Dr, Dallas, TX 75214 (Texas Conservation Alliance will be restoring habitat for pollinators and taking part in the City Nature Challenge)
7 PM - late: mothing at Samuel Farms Park, Dallas

Monday, May 2
6 - 8 PM: bioblitz hike at Oak Cliff Nature Preserve (2875 Pierce St, Dallas, TX 75233)

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April 29, 2022

Texas leaderboard and Global leaderboard! And the link to ID'ing stuff from DFW

Hey all,

Just a few pages to also watch...

Here's the Texas leaderboard:

Here's the global leaderboard:

Here's the page where you can help with the DFW observations during the City Nature Challenge:
(it populates after the City Nature Challenge starts)

Hope you have lots of chances to engage with nature this weekend! Enjoy it!!!

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