Citizen Science in Action: 63 Observations, 27 Species recorded at iNaturalist NZ Workshop

As the dawn of February 8 unfurled, Riccarton House welcomed an enthusiastic assembly of nature enthusiasts from Christchurch City Council Parks. They gathered in the Dining Room to learn how to use iNaturalist NZ and learn more about Aotearoa’s natural world.
This session was uniquely designed with our council staff in mind - professionals who are already well-versed in the sciences and eager to apply this knowledge in innovative ways to better serve our community.
Under the guidance of Dr Jon Sullivan @jon_sullivan from Lincoln University and Dr Rob Cruickshank @robcruickshank from the University of Canterbury, participants explored the vast capabilities of iNaturalist NZ. The workshop was diligently structured in two parts: an informative session indoors followed by a practical foray into the embrace of Riccarton Bush with the iNaturalist app open on everyone’s smart phones.
The information session was informative and inspiring. While promoting City Nature Challenge, we watched with excitement as 21 observers, equipped with their smartphones catalogued 63 observations, unravelling the diversity of 27 species hidden in Riccarton Bush. The enthusiasm displayed by Christchurch City Council Parks team, particularly during the interactive Q&A segment, highlighted the workshop’s relevance to their daily responsibilities.
Questions ranged from how to integrate iNaturalist into educational programmes for schools, to leveraging the app for more efficient plant identification during fieldwork, highlighting the diverse applications of the tool.
This workshop was not just about numbers; it was about community, about connection to our natural world, and about empowering each individual with the knowledge to make a tangible difference. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Sarah Mankelow @smankelow and Roslyn Kerr @roslynk for organising this workshop, to Jon and Rob for guiding this exciting learning journey, and to every participant whose efforts have contributed to the conservation narrative of Christchurch.
As we share this post in our community, we celebrate not only the success of the workshop but also the spirit of collaboration that it represents. This enriching experience marks a transformative journey for our Christchurch City Council Parks staff, who are now on their way to becoming iNaturalist NZ ambassadors. Equipped with the skills and knowledge gained from the workshop, they stand ready to engage and educate the wider community, demonstrating first-hand the powerful intersection of technology and nature observation. Let's continue to foster this passion for nature and nurture the seeds of conservation sown within New Zealand.

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