Discover Nature's Wonders in Red Zone: Join the Four-Day Roving Bioblitz Adventure!

Do you want to be a part of the adventure?! Join us for a four-day roving Bioblitz!

This roving Bioblitz is more than just an event; it's an invitation to connect with nature, contribute to citizen science, and be part of a community celebrating biodiversity. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a family looking for a fun day out, or someone curious about the natural world, there's something for everyone in this engaging, educational, and exciting expedition.
Don't forget your walking shoes, smartphone, and enthusiasm for nature! Let's explore, record, and revel in the wonders of our environment together. See you there! Each day brings a new adventure from 26th April to 29th April:

Day 1: Riverlution - Dive into biodiversity!
Embark on an extraordinary journey with us as we kickstart our four-day roving Bioblitz, aligning with the City Nature Challenge. Our adventure begins at Ōtakaro Orchard at 9 am, where you can join us anytime during the day.
Meet Jenny at Tauhahi Pa at 10am to see what in-river species we can discover.

Immerse yourself in nature as we trace the Ōtakaro Avon River, unveiling the hidden gems of invertebrate biodiversity with our expert entomologist Dr Mike Dickison. Enjoy a cozy lunch at Richmond Community Gardens, complemented by intriguing research opportunities courtesy of the Christchurch City Libraries outreach van.
A courtesy van will be available to run you back to the start!

Day 2: Landings and Lakes - A biodiversity expedition!
Day two presents a dual-venue exploration extravaganza at Dallington Landing and Waikakariki Horseshoe Lake, where our team of rangers and experts eagerly awaits your arrival.
Morning (9 am-12 pm): Dallington Landing
Afternoon (1 pm-5 pm): Waikakariki Horseshoe Lake
Equipped with the iNaturalist app, unravel the ecological wonders of these locations, guided by our seasoned rangers and the collective wisdom of our experts.

Day 3: Eco-Sanctuary exploration - uncover the hidden gems!
Join us on day three at 7 Brooker Avenue to delve into the prospective realms of the Waitākiri Eco-Sanctuary and the captivating Ōtakaro Avon River corridor.
Activities include: Exploring the Avon Ōtakaro Forest Park planting site; Discovering the life in Cosair Stream with Denise Ford; Enjoying guided walks with Colin Meurk build weta hotels and explore sound gardens with Bridget from Green Lab and test drive the nature play-spaces.
This is a perfect day out for families! Dive into research with the CCC libraries outreach van and celebrate our regenerating landscapes.

Day 4: Estuary edges - celebrate coastal biodiversity!
Conclude your Bioblitz journey by exploring the estuarine beauty of Bexley, South New Brighton, and Southshore. Discover an array of water birds and the vibrant life forms thriving in these unique ecosystems.
Morning (9 am-12 pm): Bexley Wetland. Andrew Crossland will provide his expertise in bird identification.
Afternoon (1 pm-5 pm): South New Brighton Domain car park

Join us to celebrate the biodiversity of our coastal edges, equipped with expert guidance and the indispensable iNaturalist app.
Be part of this immersive experience. Let's celebrate biodiversity together! For more information, please visit:

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