Explore Nature Beyond the City in Greater Christchurch!

It might say city in the title, but we are going way beyond the city limits for this year’s City Nature Challenge! Get ready to immerse yourself in nature, not just in Christchurch, but across the expansive greater Christchurch area, including the Waimakariri and Selwyn Districts! The boundaries of the City Nature Challenge reach into the heart of Banks Peninsula, and creep into the edges of Waimakariri and Selwyn districts. Check out this map for events and their locations:
Link to Sean’s map: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/city-nature-challenge-2024-events-for-otautahi-chr_970947#10/-43.5844/172.7051

Here’s how you can get involved in your area:
Christchurch District: Engage in a range of events within Christchurch city, from parks to reserves, where urban biodiversity comes to life. You can find all the events here https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/programme/107. Please do not forget to save them in your calendar.

Waimakariri District: Check out these family-friendly events in the lead-up and during the city nature challenge. Join us at Silverstream Reserve or Northbrook Wetlands in Rangiora for invertebrate discoveries and mini BioBlitz events. Your findings will help highlight the rich biodiversity of the Waimakariri area.
Invertebrate Survey and Discovery : https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/event/invertebrate-survey-and-discovery
Te Riu-o-Te-Aika-Kawa-Brooklands Lagoon guided walk : https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/event/te-riu-o-te-aika-kawa-brooklands-lagoon-guided-walk
Mini BioBlitz at NCF Park : https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/event/mini-bioblitz-at-ncf-park
Spotlight on Nighttime Critters : https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/event/spotlight-on-nighttime-critters
Mini Bioblitz of Northbrook Wetlands : https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/event/mini-bioblitz-of-northbrook-wetlands

Selwyn District: The Biodiversity Team at Selwyn District Council are excited to be part of this year's iNaturalist City Nature Challenge. The Selwyn District is a large, diverse and ecologically significant with ecosystems covering the mountains to the sea. The City Nature Challenge is a great way for people to show case the varied flora and fauna of the district that is covered by the Greater Christchurch area which includes the southern Port Hills, Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere and the low plains.

Along with Enviroschool the Council are running an event at Te Ara Ᾱtea in Rolleston on the 27th of April from 2 to 4. This discovery session will give help on installing and using the iNaturalist App. Participants will then be able to go out and use their new skills to take part in the Global City Nature Challenge.

We encourage people to go out and record the varied biodiversity of the district you never know what gems you may find. For more information: https://www.ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/whats-on/event/city-nature-challenge-tuhura-discovery-session @denise-nz

Use the iNaturalist app to document the flora and fauna around you, contributing to a global database that aids in biodiversity research. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to science, learn about the biodiversity that surrounds you, and connect with fellow nature lovers across the Greater Christchurch area.
Whether you're in Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, Lincoln, Rangiora or any neighbouring area, your participation is crucial. Let’s come together to explore, document, and protect our region's natural beauty! We look forward to your contributions and to showcasing the biodiversity of our wider community!

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