Documentary team coming to Ōtautahi - and they need your support

In a few weeks the global City Nature Challenge begins and we hope to see you there! We are also excited to share that there is going to be a film made about this challenge.

Here the Wild Things Are is a fun wildlife short documentary set in the city streets you know so well! The film tracks New Zealand’s progress throughout the challenge, follows contestants in Wellington and Christchurch in their quest to discover nature hiding in plain sight and examines whether simply paying attention to our surroundings and taking a photograph can contribute to saving the planet.

The team, consisting of award-winning producers, have been partially funded through the critically acclaimed, short documentary platform, Loading Docs. But they need to raise an additional $8,000 to capture the full scope of the competition in two different cities across the country. They’re going ahead with filming while their crowdfunding campaign is still live, so they’re taking a bit of a financial risk and hoping it pays off! If you can financially contribute to this campaign, any amount will make a significant difference, but sharing it with your friends and whānau will be a huge help too.

For more information, head to the Boosted page:

Kelly and Maddison

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