Come along to the McCormacks Bay Bioblitz

On Sunday 28th April, from 1pm-4pm we'll be holding a short bioblitz around McCormacks Bay where we'll try to find as many different species in the area that we can.

Turn up at 1pm to hear a short history and other information about the bay from the Estuary Trust's Tanya Jenkins.
Jocelyn Papprill is running this City Nature Challenge event with help from Julia Palmer, Sean Clifford and Philip Grove.

The bay has a diverse array of life, including a species of Ground Wētā, birds, invertebrates, plants and fungi. You can see what's been observed before on the bay's own project page. Help us expand our knowledge of biodiversity in the bay on Sunday.

No booking is required, but if you want to let us know that you're planning on attending, you can fill out this online form.

We're meeting at the southern end of McCormacks Bay Reserve, across from Basil Place. We hope to see you there!

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Tagging those who have made at least two observations in McCormacks Bay in the past, to see if you're interested in attending...
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Publicado por agoranomos hace 3 meses

Thanks Sean. It looks like it will be a boomer afternoon in McCormacks Bay!

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This sounds like a fun afternoon.

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