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24 de enero de 2022

Share Interesting Observations, and / or snippets of your journal (Update - 25th January 2022)

India's Nature

Nature in Winter

Dear Friends

We are into the last week of the Nature in Winter event. The beaches and seasides have been getting a lot of attention and some amazing observations. Some plant observations have been awesome as well. And usual we have a great compliment of Insects and Birds.

We request you to share the observations, from the event, that you have liked or have caught your interest.

Observations You Like or have intrigued you

Do share links and images of the observations you have liked , or want to higlight, from the event

How to Post images or share hyperlinks with text comments

Sharing an observation from the Nature in Winter event with a comment and / or an hyperlink

So to post the observation use the following code
Name of the observation / or text you want to appear Kindly note the Square brackets, the round brackets and the "no space" between them to render the text as a hyperlink

or copy and replace the contents from this code
$The text you want](the inaturalist URL / hyperlink$
(replacing the starting $ with a [ and the ending $ with a )
Also Note no space between the ] and (

Example The Text “[“This beautiful picture of a Coral Tree observed by @varsha1, in Greater Noida, is one of my favourite observations”]” “(“The hyperlink https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/104699838”)”

(without any of the ")
Will render like this This beautiful picture of a Coral Tree observed in Greater Noida, by @varsh1, is one of my favourite observations

How to post an image (from inaturalist)

  1. Right Click on the Image
  2. Click on the image, then right click and copy the "Image address" (URL) *the url for the image
  3. Copy and replace the contents from this code

    For more help see this forum post

    Daily Journal

    One of the event suggestions was to maintain a Daily Journal of your interactions with Nature around you.

    We request you to share what you would like, entire pages, snippets, transcribed comments, anything that you think would benefit others or just show case what you would like to show.

    How to share you daily journal

  4. Take a picture of the section you would like to share

  5. Upload to Google Photos or any Photo sharing platform.

  6. Copy the sharing link and paste as in the code / instructions provided below
    ( Be sure to link to the actual image file, not the google or imgur photo display page URL. To get to the image file from the display page, right click on the image and copy the image link.)

  7. Copy the following code and paste the URL where it says so (and replace the $ with < before and and > after the code text )
    $Img src="copy image url here" alt="Test image" width="240" height="180" $

  8. Below is a sample of the daily journal of @babloo (Original in Hindi) Translated text is below

    Babloo's Journal Page

    Translated from Hindi

    10/January/2022 by @Babloo

    1. Place - Shankhdhura
    2. Date and Place - 10/January/2022 Shankhdhura
    3. General Comments -Today I was at home only. A flock of white-throated Laughingthrush came and they kept calling loudly. along with them were some Striated Laughingthrush which were bigger in size and also very beautiful. Striated Laughingthrush are locally called Kawaad-Kawaad
    4. Special bird (organism) seen - Himalayan Bluetail
    5. Weather - Was Rainy
    6. Comments about places visited- Was at home only, because of rain it was also very cold.
    7. With who - With family

    Feedback and Comments

    Do share your thoughts, any other links or anything else with us via direct messaging or through the comments section

    Team India's Nature Monsoon Beauty



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