Let the ID'ing begin! I mean, continue!

First of all, heaps of thanks to all you folks who showed up on Sunday. I think everyone had a good time and learned a bunch, so let's call it a win. However, there's still plenty to identify! As with all the Nerds for Nature grassroots bioblitzes, a lot of observations come in without IDs, so here are some links to help you find the ones that need your help:

Well, you get the picture. You can fiddle with the taxon filters to find the group you know best.

Keep in mind that with our new community ID system, high level ID's like "Fungi" don't count as disagreements unless they come after lower level IDs, so it's very helpful to add them if an observation has no ID or community ID. Helps sort things out!

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Thanks for doing this, kueda. I've cleaned up many of the birds, but had to send three of the gull pictures out to better minds than mine. The one I thought could be the Iceland Gull (http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/541752) is some kind of Herring-x-Glaucous or Herring-x-Glaucous-winged hybrid, maybe. The other two are of second-year birds, possibly hybrids also. If I get results, I'll post.
I LOVED the Lake Merritt Bio-Blitz! Ready to fire it up and do it again sometime!

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This is off-topic.
Where can I get one of those great laminated field guides? Something like San Francisco Bay invertebrates and fishes. I think they were available last year.

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That is a good guide, right? I'll look around and see if I can figure out how to get that laminated three-fold. If you want the more technical publication on which it's based check out Animals of the San Francisco Bay: A Field Guide to Common Benthic Species by Mooi et al.

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