Thanks for joining the Michigan Flora Photo Project!

We appreciate your contributions to the collection of photos that represent the flora of Michigan! This project will be ongoing for the time being, and photos will be pulled into the new Michigan Flora website as they update it. I'll let you know as I get updates on this.

We are still fiddling with the project, making sure we are capturing the correct plants for the herbarium and translating the nomenclature correctly between Michigan Flora and iNaturalist. We may continue to add plants to the list as the herbarium desires, or narrow in on subspecies, etc, so you may get a message that we are "updating project requirements" each time this happens so that you can adjust your project sharing settings if you would like: You have the option to trust the project managers with the locations of your obscured observations. By "trusting" this project with your obscured locational data, this data would then be available to the UM Herbarium. At this point the herbarium has no plans to use this data, nor do they publish locations of threatened and endangered species. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions.

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