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10 de julio de 2024

Friday JULY 26th, Free Moth Week Event at the San Diego NAT

July 26! Discover the magic of the night with a free one-of-a-kind pop-up Mothing experience in honor of Moth Week 2024! Join the San Diego Natural History Museum’s Entomology Department and photographer-naturalist Hector Valtierra (@biohexx1) from 8-10PM for an enchanting evening under the stars! Gather at the Fig Tree Lawn, north of the building, to participate in “light-sheeting” for moths, view exquisite specimens from our collection, and take a peek into the world of nighttime pollinators. Tag a moth enthusiast in the comment!

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22 de junio de 2021

Gorgeous Cat!

Check out this gorgeous Ceanothus Silk Moth caterpillar that @sgcacc found at the Elfin Forest Reserve!


What's your favorite moth cat? Browse the project Moths of San Diego County and let us know in the comments :)

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