World Turtle Day

Join turtle enthusiasts around the globe as we celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23rd. Canada is home to eight native freshwater turtle species, all of which are at risk of extinction, and four marine turtles that frequent our waters (two of which are endangered species). Amidst habitat loss, road mortality, pollution, and high levels of nest predation, the urgency to understand and protect these creatures has never been more urgent.

We can all help with a simple click of a camera shutter. Armed with a smartphone or digital camera you too can venture to your local wetland to document Canada's turtles. CWF has created a great guide to help photograph key identifying features for freshwater turtles. Each observation uploaded to, contributes to a growing body of knowledge that scientists and conservationists can use to conserve habitat and mitigate threats, like helping to pinpoint hotspots of road mortality (even observations of turtles found dead on the road are valuable to conservation initiatives).

Despite the challenges facing Canada's turtles, there is hope in the collective action of passionate individuals. If you are looking to take your commitment to the next level, consider joining the Help the Turtles project by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, where you can elevate your commitment by contributing to tangible conservation outcomes.

As we commemorate World Turtle Day, let's work towards ensuring a brighter future for Canada's turtles and the ecosystems they rely on.

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