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16 de abril de 2020

Welcome to Observations from Isolation

Welcome to this project where we're sharing things we've seen on local walks, balconies, yards and even in the depths of our homes.
If you don't want your observations to pinpoint your property, you can pick a point on the street, or choose to manually obscure the observation when you record it (or after the fact).
We have everyone from seasoned iNaturalist members to entirely newcomers, and all are welcomed.
This journal can be a place place for us to connect on all things nature and let each other know about the wildlife, plants and fungi we're seeing in these exceptional times.
And to kick things off, please leave a comment on what has been the most interesting/favourite wildlife observation in Canada in the time of physical distancing - it can be your observation or someone else's (and it doesn't have to be an iNaturalist observation if you weren't able to capture it on camera).
Mine is this wood frog observation photographed by an iNaturalist member on an empty road (and many other frog and salamander photos from roadsides). I wonder if under normal circumstances and people still driving lots, if this frog would have ended up as roadkill.

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23 de abril de 2020

City Nature Challenge Runs From Friday Through Monday

If you haven't caught wind of it already, the City Nature Challenge is starting. There are several cities in Canada taking part, albeit with a unique slant of physical distancing this year.
Be sure to follow regulations suggested by local government in light of concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Also, to embrace the collaborative aspect of the City Nature Challenge and to reflect the healing power of nature, this year’s event is no longer a competition. Instead, we encourage all people to document their local biodiversity in whatever way they can during the event.

If you're not in a participating city, your observations are still important to see how many observations we can record over the next few days!

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